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Heating Oil Plus

At Direct Fuel we understand the importance of offering you quality products at affordable prices.  Our oils and fuels are top-of-the-line, because we know that the equipment is only as good as the fuel running it.  We offer a number of high quality products to help your equipment run smoother or cleaner, thereby reducing your service costs in the long run.  Read on to see which products suit your needs, or call us at 978-536-9955 and let one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives tell us how we can serve you.

Heating Oil Plus™ is our premium heating oil – it contains a blend of active ingredients which works together to help prevent filter issues as well as plugging of nozzles and strainers.  In the long run, this saves you money by reducing fuel-related service calls.

Diesel Fuel

At Direct Fuel, we offer high performance DieselOne® to our customers.  Repeated use of this high performing fuel helps to extend engine life by keeping fuel systems clean.  DieselOne helps to keep your engine running smoothly and reliably all year, under varying seasonal conditions, including those tough New England winters, at prices you can afford.

Consistent use of DieselOne® helps to maintain regular fuel consumption, increases fuel stability, extends engine life, maximizes operability in cold weather conditions, lowers maintenance costs, and keeps fuel injectors clean, thereby optimizing engine performance.

Each gallon of DieselOne® features the following to enhance reliable performance: corrosion inhibitor; high performing diesel detergent; custom cold flow improver; thermal and oxidative stability enhancer; synthetic lubricity improver as well as de-icer similar to that used in jets.

Fuel Delivery

We are pleased to provide state-of-the-art, computerized distribution that provides our customers with the most reliable and precise measures of fuel and arrival times.

Direct Fuel provides round-the-clock service for on-site and fleet fueling.  We use the best in petroleum products and our premium diesel fuel features a cold filter plugging of minus fifteen degrees for the perfect winterized, trouble-free operation.

Our fleet fueling system generates computerized tickets so that you are able to individually track fuel consumption on all items of equipment via barcode scanners.  This highly specialized tracking lets you know what type of fuel is being used for your equipment and where your fuel dollars are going as far as individual pieces of equipment.

Call us here at Direct Fuel to see which products we can put to work for you and your business.  We’re here to serve you – call 978-536-9955 today.


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